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Covid-19 measures in Poland from 1 May

Covid-19 measures in Poland from 1 May

The Polish Government has announced a number of new proposed measures for the month of May, dependent on the prevailing situation with regards to Covid-19.

From 1 May, there will be a gradual loosening of restrictive measures, which will see a return to the whole of Poland operating under the same sanitary regime.

1 May

  • Opening of hair and beauty salons
  • Outdoor sports facilities – up to 50 people permitted
  • Indoor sports facilities, including pools – organised groups of children and young people permitted, maximum 50% occupancy

4 May

  • Art galleries and museums open – limit of one person per 15m2
  • Shopping centres, furniture stores open – limit of one person per 15m2
  • Religious ceremonies – limit of one person per 15m2 in places of worship, recommendation for outdoor services
  • Full return to school for grades 1-3

8 May

  • Hotels open to guests – up to 50% capacity, hotel restaurants and spas closed

15 May

  • Restaurants can operate outdoors under strict sanitary regime and distancing requirements
  • Open-air cinemas and theatres open – maximum 50% capacity
  • Special events outdoors, e.g. weddings, holy communions – maximum 25 people
  • Hybrid learning for school children in classes 4-8 in primary schools and classes 1-4 in secondary schools.
  • Outdoor sporting events - limit of 25% attendance
  • Obligation to wear face coverings in outdoor public spaces may be lifted, depending on the infection rate

29 May

  • Restaurants can operate indoors – maximum 50% capacity and under strict sanitary regime
  • Special events indoors, e.g. weddings, holy communions – up to 50 people
  • Cinemas and theatres can open – up to 50% capacity
  • Indoors sports facilities and swimming pools open to all – maximum 50% capacity
  • Gyms, fitness clubs, saunas open – limit of one person per 15m2
  • Return to school for all primary and secondary students

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Travel to Poland

Please note that there is an Irish Government advisory against all non-essential travel.

Please find updated travel advice for Poland at the following page:


Image courtesy of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland. 

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