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Visas for Irish people going abroad

Many countries require you to have an entry visa or travel permit before they let you enter the country.


Do I need a visa?

Before you travel, find out if you need a visa for your trip. You can:

  • Ask your travel agent (if you have one)
  • Contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate of the country you plan to visit

You should also check with them how long your passport must be valid for and if there are any other entry requirements you need to consider before you travel.

Where can I get a visa?

You may be able to get your visa at the point of entry of a country (airport, land border, sea port) or by applying online, but in most cases you will have to apply to the country's Embassy or Consulate in Ireland.

When should I apply for my visa?

Each country will have its own processing time for visas. Check with the country's Embassy or Consulate to see how long in advance of travelling you need to apply for your visa.

How much will it cost?

Each country sets its own visa fees. Check with the country's Embassy or Consulate for the most up to date fees.

Proof of ID and immigration status

Some countries require you to carry identification with you at all times, including proof of your immigration status in the country.

Check the travel advice for the country you are going to or check locally when you arrive.


Make photocopies or electronic copies of your important travel documents (such as your passport and visa) and keep the originals in a safe place.