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International Law and Cyberspace

International law, including the Charter of the United Nations, applies in cyberspace. This has been acknowledged in two processes established by the United Nations General Assembly, namely the Group of Governmental Experts on advancing responsible state behaviour in cyberspace in the context of international security (GGE) as well as the Open-ended Working Group on security of and in the use of information and communications technologies (OEWG).

Ireland has published a  Position Paper on the Application of International Law in Cyberspace as a contribution to discussions at UN level, particularly in the context of its participation in the OEWG, aimed at developing a better shared understanding of how international law applies in cyberspace. It is hoped that these discussions will contribute to promoting responsible state behaviour in cyberspace and a more stable, secure, open, accessible and peaceful cyber environment with international law and the rules-based international order at its centre.