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Management Board

The Management Board (MB) is an advisory and decision-making forum that supports the Secretary General in the management of the Department. The Board is chaired by the Secretary General, Niall Burgess and membership comprises the Deputy Secretary General, all Assistant Secretaries based in Ireland and an officer at the Counsellor grade. The Board assists the Secretary General in the formulation and management of policies and programmes as well as in the development and improved performance of the organisation. The Board also decides on assignments within the Department, at home and abroad, other than at Assistant Secretary and Head of Mission levels.

The Board meets fortnightly, or more frequently as required. Other Departmental officials attend MB meetings periodically to brief and participate in discussions on topical developments in their areas of responsibility.

The MB also meets periodically with the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Department's Ministers of State to consider strategic policy and management issues.  

The current members of the Board are:

  • Mr. Niall Burgess, Secretary General.
  • Mr. Brendan Rogers, Deputy Secretary General.
  • Mr. John Conlan, Chief Financial Officer, Finance Division and Director General, Human Resources Division.
  • Mr. Ruairí de Búrca, Director General, Development Cooperation and Africa Division.
  • Ms. Orla O’Hanrahan, Director General, Global Irish Services Division.
  • Ms. Barbara Jones, Director General, Corporate Services Division.
  • Mr. Joe Hackett, Director General, European Union Division.
  • Ms. Sonja Hyland, Political Director, Political Division.
  • Mr. James Kingston, Legal Adviser, Legal Division.
  • Mr. Fergal Mythen, Director General, Ireland, UK and Americas Division.
  • Mr. John Concannon, Director General, Global Ireland Division.
  • Ms. Julie Connell, Director, Strategy, Governance and Change Unit.