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Statement at the Arria-formula Meeting on Ukraine, organised by Russia

Thank you.


From the moment its troops crossed the Ukrainian border, in complete disregard for the UN Charter and the sovereignty of a UN member state, Russia’s invasion has been, and continues to be, in violation of international law.


Russian accusations of Ukraine committing genocide were, and remain false, as is attempting to depict Ukrainians as Nazis or Ukraine as an existential threat to Russia. These false, duplicitous claims cannot and do not justify Russian aggression against Ukraine.


Seeking to rectify baseless and manufactured grievances by resorting to military action against another UN Member State to annex part of its territory has absolutely no place in the twenty-first century.


We condemn the weaponising and distorting of history for political purposes. Such irresponsible actions only serve to foment conflict and artificial divisions.

We continue to call for an end to the war against Ukraine, for the Russian Federation to withdraw its forces from the entire internationally recognised territory of Ukraine, and engage in true dialogue and diplomacy towards peace.


 Thank you.

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