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Explanation of Vote - Myanmar Resolution



I would like to acknowledge the presence of the representative of Myanmar and welcome him to the Chamber today.


Allow me first to thank the UK for presenting the resolution adopted this morning and for facilitating a measured, sensitive and consultative negotiation process.




Ireland welcomes the adoption of Resolution 2669.


We have long stated that Council action in response to the violence suffered by the Myanmar people since the military coup in 2021 has been inadequate. This Council could have and should have done more. At a minimum, we should have met to address their suffering in an open briefing, where they could hear the views of this Council and its members.


In the absence of greater action, the Myanmar military have been relentless in the brutal violence they have used as a tool of control and repression against the civilian population. Given the overwhelming silence of the international community, the impunity they have enjoyed for decades only grows.


It is for this reason – to combat the cycle of violence and impunity which the Myanmar military relies upon– that Ireland voted in favour of this resolution. We welcome its important and notable adoption today.


Madame President,


While we strongly support the adoption of this text, it is Ireland’s view that it should have gone further. It should have recognised and condemned the continued sale and transfer of weapons to Myanmar; widespread sexual and gender based violence and grave violations against children in Myanmar. It should have recognised the importance of accountability mechanisms such as the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar. And above all, it should have directly called on the Myanmar military to halt their relentless assault on the people of Myanmar.


However, we recognise this resolution as a pivotal moment in the Council’s response to the situation in Myanmar.


This resolution acknowledges the need for the UN, ASEAN and the international community to continue to act in support of the Myanmar people.


It further recognises the actions of the Myanmar military as the trigger to Myanmar’s current crisis. It urges the military to immediately release all arbitrarily detained prisoners, including President Win Myint and State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi. It recognizes the continuing challenges facing the Rohingya people. It demands an end to violence, and reiterates the necessity for full, safe and unhindered humanitarian access to all in need.


To conclude, Ireland reiterates the need for the Security Council to maintain a dedicated focus on the situation in Myanmar, to do so in open session and to keep at the heart of our work the needs and interests of the Myanmar people.


Thank you.

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