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Our Services

Please note that the Honorary Consulate of Ireland, Kyiv, has closed. All consular services will now be provided by the Embassy. To get in touch with us in relation to consular queries, please use our contact form.

Please note that passport renewals must be done online. We cannot accept paper renewal applications.

First-time passport applications can be submitted in paper form. For first-time passport applications only, please use our contact form to arrange an appointment for submitting the passport application form. Visit the documentary guidelines for more information.

The passport application fee for a first-time adult application is 2,400 UAH. The passport application fee for a first-time child application is 900 UAH. Please note that all fees are payable in Hryvnia only, and in cash only, in the exact amount.

Visas for Ireland

With effect from 5 July 2021 on behalf of the Embassy of Ireland, Ukraine, VFS Global, Kyiv, will be facilitating visa applications and accepting supporting documentation from Visa Required Nationals who are resident in Ukraine. There will be no alternative service.

Visa applicants should first apply for a visa online at the dedicated Department of Justice and Equality website.

After applying for a visa online, applicants will be prompted to submit all supporting documentation to the offices of VFS in Kyiv at the below address:

VFS Global, Gulliver Centre
1a Sportyvna Square
Gulliver Centre, 8th floor
Kyiv 01023

VFS phone line: +380 44 3913583 



If you have questions relating to VFS, they will guide you through the application process, and are contactable at the above email address and phone number

Please note that in Ireland, the Department of Justice and Equality is primarily responsible for dealing with visa and immigration matters. They have responsibility for formulating visa policy, processing visas, and making visa decisions. Neither the Embassy nor the Department of Foreign Affairs perform any of these tasks. For technical visa queries, you may contact the Department of Justice and Equality at the following email address:

The Department of Justice and Equality website,, also contains useful information about visa and immigration processes and requirements. The old website,, is no longer updated, but contains some useful information.

If you are a citizen of a non-EU country, whether you need a visa or not, you will be subject to immigration control when you enter Ireland.