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How to Apply for a Passport

Apply Online

Irish citizens who have previously held an Irish Passport must renew their Passport Book or Passport Card using Passport Online.

First Time Applicants must apply using a paper application form through their local Irish Embassy or Consulate General.

Apply Online

Apply Offline

Passport Online is not yet available in your region for first time applicants. You must apply using a paper application form.

If you are resident in Zambia, you need to use an APS2 application form.

APS2 forms are available:

From the Passport Office, 6663 Katima Mulilo Road, Olympia Extension, Lusaka

Further Information

Please see the detailed Documentary Requirements for Passport Applications page from the Passport Service.

Please see the detailed Photo Guidelines page from the Passport Service.

Please see the detailed How to get your application witnessed page from the Passport Service.

Please see the detailed Consent for Children page from the Passport Service.


Please see the detailed Passport Fees page on the main Department of Foreign Affairs website.

Fees and where to apply

The Fee depends on the type of passport you apply for:

Standard Passports

  • Standard 10 year passport applicable to those aged 18 and above is €95.00
  • Large 10 year passport available on request to very frequent travellers is €125.00
  • Minor, age 0 – 17 years, 5 year Passport is €45.00
  • Postage fee (if you want the Embassy in Paris to send your passport by registered post within France) €8.00
  • Temporary Passport or Emergency Travel Certificate €30.00
  • Additional fee applicable when applying outside of normal office hours €80.00

Emergency Travel Certificate

Only intended for people who have lost their passport, or who have had their passport stolen, and must urgently travel to Ireland. To obtain this, one must pay €6.

Methods of payment

The Embassy only accepts Euro cheques drawn from a French bank account or French postal orders. If you are applying by post, please pay by cheque made payable to 'Ambassade d'Irlande'. Please ensure that you include the postage fee of €8.00, if applicable.

If you are applying in person at our public office, you may pay by cheque or by cash (exact change please).

Please do not send cash in the post. The Embassy does not accept credit/debit cards.

Where to Apply

The Passport Office at the Embassy of Ireland, Lusaka, is open from 09.30-12.00 daily from Monday to Friday. The telephone number for the passport section is 0211 291298 Ext 108.

If you prefer, you can post your application to:

Embassy of Ireland
Olympia Extension
6663 Katima Mulilo Road
PO Box 34923

If you decide to post your application, we strongly recommend that you use registered mail or a reputable courier service. The Embassy cannot be held responsible for applications or documents lost in transit.