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Ireland-Zambia Relations

Ireland's links with Zambia began over a century ago.

Irish links with Zambia stretch back over a century. Long before an official bilateral aid programme was established and well before Zambia achieved its independence in 1964, Irish missionary societies were among the main providers of services in health and education in what was then Northern Rhodesia. Many of Zambia’s leading citizens received their education at schools run by Irish missionaries, and many of Zambia’s hospitals throughout much of the 20th century were in the care of Irish missionary sisters.

However, diplomatic relations between Zambia and Ireland were established in 1965, and Ireland opened a Development Cooperation Office in Lusaka in 1980, when Zambia became a partner country for the Irish Aid programme. The Mission received full Embassy status in 2006.

The key goals of the Mission in Zambia are:

  • Maintaining Bilateral Relations (Ambassador also holds secondary credentials for Namibia)
  • Promoting trade between Zambia and Ireland
  • Providing consular & visa services
  • Administering the aid programme and
  • Engaging with the Irish community in Zambia