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The Embassy’s History

Information on Ambassador’s Residence and previous Irish Ambassadors to Zambia

The Chancery and Ambassador’s Residence

The Embassy in Lusaka houses both the Chancery and the development building (where staff working under the Irish Aid programme are housed).

At the time the Embassy was officially opened in 1980, the Embassy offices were in the main business town of Lusaka, along Freedom Way and the first Chargé de Affaires was Mr Donal Denham. It was only later in 1982 that the then Chargé de Affaires, Mr Denham decided to move the Embassy Office’s from town to where they are now.

The status quo of the buildings was maintained until between 1991 and 1998 when much of the extension works to bring the current Chancery and development buildings to its current level were done. However, the current Ambassador's official residence was bought in 2001/2.

Currently, the Ambassador’s Residence is in Longacres, on Los Angeles Boulevard, Plot 4901 in Lusaka.

Note that the Mission was granted the full Embassy status in 2006 hence, prior to that, all Heads of Missions in this document are being referred to as Chargé D’Affaires.

Chargés d’Affaires

Donal Denham 1980-1983
Mairtin O'Fanin 1983-1987
Frank Sheridan 1987-1991
Brendan Rogers 1991-1998
John Neville 1998-2001
Pat Curran 2001-2005

Irish Ambassadors to Zambia

Bill Nolan 2005-2009
Tony Cotter 2009-2012
Finbar O'Brien 2012-2015
Séamus O'Grady 2015-to date