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“Ireland & America: Challenges & Opportunities in a New Context” - A 5-Year Review

"Our relationship with the U.S. must be a clear priority and command special attention. It is a relationship of extraordinary depth and energy ... It needs renewal and priority."

In March 2009, the Irish Government endorsed a strategy document drawn up by the Washington Embassy after extensive consultations: “Ireland and America: Challenges and Opportunities in a New Context”.

Given the major changes in the intervening period, it was felt appropriate to engage in a Five Year Review of the 2009 document. The Washington Embassy, in consultation with the Consulates and State Agencies, has accordingly prepared such a review.

The Review touches briefly on each of the areas highlighted in the 2009 report and offers a comment or update on the current position. The intention is to offer a succinct statement of current realities, and to suggest some pointers for the future.

The Five Year Review will also feed into the two ongoing Reviews of Irish Foreign Policy and of our Diaspora Policy.

View or download the Five Year Review, which was published in Spring 2014.

“Ireland and America: Challenges and Opportunities in a New Context” – A Five Year Review