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Brief for Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, July 2014

Minister Charles Flanagan, Publications, Africa, Asia and Oceania, Europe, Great Britain, Latin America, Ireland, Middle East and North Africa, North America, Northern Ireland, 2014

(edited to reflect exclusions identified in Freedom of Information Act)

Table of Contents

1. Note of Introduction

2. Draft Mission Statement and High Level Goals for 2011-2014

3. Organisational Structure of the Department

4. Membership of the Management Advisory Committee

6. Staffing of the Minister's Private and Constituency Offices

7. Minister's Diary Commitments (July- December 2014)

Divisional Briefing

8. Anglo Irish Division

9. Corporate Services Division

10. Development Cooperation Division

11. Europe Division

12. Legal Division

13. Political Division

14. Trade & Promotion Division

15. Finance Division

16. Protocol Division

17. Press Section

18. Evaluation & Audit Unit

19. Strategy & Performance Unit

19. Strategy & Performance Unit - Foreign Policy Review