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Statement by Minister Byrne in reaction to latest Eurobarometer survey

Minister of State for European Affairs, Thomas Byrne T.D., said today:

“I welcome the very positive findings reported in the latest Eurobarometer poll concerning Irish attitudes to the EU. The fact that 83% of Irish people are satisfied with how democracy works in Ireland and 81% are satisfied with how democracy works in the EU is testament to the high regard here for National and EU Institutions.  It is also heartening to see that over three quarters of respondents were satisfied with the measures taken by the various Irish Government and Local/Regional Authorities to fight the pandemic, markedly higher than the EU27 average". 

“These findings are in line with those being reflected in the viewpoints being expressed by Irish Citizens who have taken part in events over the past year as part of  the Conference on the Future on Europe".

 “The publication of this poll is also very timely – the 10th of May next will mark 50 years since the referendum where the Irish people voted overwhelmingly (83%) in favour of Ireland joining the European Communities. The Government’s ‘EU50’ programme over the coming year will provide opportunities to reflect on 50 years of Irish membership of the EU and the Irish contribution to this as well as engaging with citizens on what the EU means for Global Ireland.”


Press Office

6 April 2022