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Minister Byrne gives Ireland’s perspective on the EU-UK relationship at Centre for European Reform

Minister of State for European Affairs, Thomas Byrne, T.D, addressed an audience of leading thinkers, international affairs experts and journalists this afternoon on Ireland’s views on the future of the EU-UK relationship.

Speaking at the Centre for European Reform think tank, Minister Byrne emphasised the importance of making the EU-UK relationship work and the political decisions that must underpin this:

 “Truly investing in the EU-UK partnership is indisputably in the interest of our citizens and businesses. The political signals we give about how we value the EU-UK relationship have a direct impact on their welfare, now and into the future.

"Both the TCA and the Withdrawal Agreement, including the Protocol, must be fully implemented through joint action in the appropriate channels.  It is only by doing this that their full potential can be realised as the connective tissue supporting partnership and prosperity into the future.”

Minister Byrnes full address may be found at the link below:

The future EU-UK relationship: An Irish perspective


Press Office
12 May 2021

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