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Min Coveney announces Irelands 2021 contribution to the Trust Fund for Victims

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Simon Coveney TD, today announced a  contribution of €300,000  to the International Criminal Court’s Trust Fund for Victims. This amount is to be split equally between its reparations and assistance mandates. The Trust Fund for Victims was established to respond to the harm resulting from the crimes under the jurisdiction of the Court. It overwhelmingly relies on voluntary contributions and donations to carry out its work and Ireland is a regular contributor.


Announcing Ireland’s 2021 contribution to the Trust Fund for Victims, Minister Coveney said:


“Each time atrocity crimes are perpetrated, there are victims who must not be forgotten, victims for whom justice needs to be delivered, and victims who need to be supported to rebuild their lives with dignity.


The focus of the Trust Fund’s critically important work is to deliver tangible reparative justice to these victims, their families and their communities through its reparations and assistance mandates.


Ireland believes that supporting victims is a critical part of implementing the Rome Statute and ensuring accountability. We see our regular voluntary contribution to the Trust Fund as an important element of our membership of the International Criminal Court. For that reason, Ireland’s contribution in 2021 marks our largest contribution to date, demonstrating Ireland’s commitment to help the Trust Fund deliver its vital support. Without such contributions the work of the Trust Fund would stall, and so I encourage all States Parties to consider making regular contributions.”



  • The Trust Fund for Victims was created pursuant to Article 79 of Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court for the benefit of victims of crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court and of the families of such victims.
  • The Trust Fund has two mandates: a reparations mandate implementing court-ordered reparation awards arising from individual cases before the ICC, and an assistance mandate providing physical, psychological and material assistance to victims and their families in ICC situation countries.
  • Ireland has been a partner of the Trust Fund for Victims since 2004 and has made a total contribution of over €1.5 million since that time, including this contribution.

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