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Tánaiste statement on demolitions in Sur Bahir area of the Jerusalem governorate

“I strongly condemn this morning’s demolitions in Sur Bahir.

Regrettably, once again we are seeing Israeli authorities evict members of a population which should be under their protection.

The practice of demolitions and forced evictions is contrary to Israel’s obligations under International Law. These actions cause further suffering to ordinary Palestinians, destroying their livelihoods.

It is particularly concerning that most of the demolished properties are in Areas A and B, in which, even by Israeli practice, it is for the Palestinian Authority to grant permission for development.

Ireland stands by the long-standing and agreed parameters of a two state solution. I am closely following developments and call on Israel to halt plans for any further demolitions in Sur Bahir.”

Notes for editors

• In the early hours of 22 July, Israeli authorities demolished 10 buildings, including over 70 apartments, in the Sur Bahir area of the Jerusalem governorate of the West Bank. Over 350 Palestinians are impacted by the demolition, incurring significant property loss.
• 9 of the 10 buildings are in Palestinian Authority (PA)-controlled Areas A and B of the West Bank, even though they are to the west of the security barrier constructed by Israel.
• Israel has stated that the demolitions were carried out for security reasons.


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