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Government publishes information to further assist businesses and citizens to prepare for Brexit


The Government today (Wednesday 27 Feb 2019) published a further range of practical advice to help businesses and citizens around the country to prepare for Brexit. This latest information will be hosted on the Government’s main website at

While ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement is still the Government's priority, we will continue our preparations for all scenarios, including a no deal Brexit. This work is ongoing and includes all Government Departments and Agencies. 

Brexit poses a unique and unprecedented challenge for Ireland. Preparation is key; not only at Government level, but crucially, for businesses and citizens too.  Today’s publication will help ensure that people have easy access to practical information and advice on a wide range of issues, and also on the many Government supports that are available to them.  

The Tánaiste said: “While we still don’t know under what conditions the UK is leaving the European Union given the continued political uncertainty in London, we do know that Brexit will bring real changes for all of us. The Government has been working hard to ensure that Ireland is ready for these changes and we want to ensure that businesses and citizens have the necessary information to help them be as prepared as possible. Brexit is an unprecedented challenge that we’re all going to face and it’s going to have a significant impact on us here. We will feel it in our daily life, some businesses will need to adapt, and our economy will change. That is why we have captured this key information and advice in one location.” 

Minister McEntee stated: “Brexit will have negative consequences in any scenario, no mitigation measures can make up for the UK leaving the EU. However, we are determined to be as ready as we can and that is why we have captured the key information you need to know to get ready for Brexit. The wide range of practical advice published today will help citizens and businesses in Ireland inform themselves about how Brexit will impact their lives. There are steps that people can take now to ensure that they are Getting Brexit Ready.”




Press Office

27 February 2019

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