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Ireland-Scotland online questionnaire

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Scottish Government launch online questionnaire as part of the review of the Ireland-Scotland relationship


As part of the ongoing joint review of the Ireland-Scotland relationship, an online questionnaire has now been launched to the public, developed jointly by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Scottish Government.

The questionnaire is open to all at Contributions are very welcome from both those living in Ireland or Scotland as well as those with an interest in the Ireland-Scotland relationship elsewhere in the world.

The review focuses on areas where the Scottish government has devolved competency. The questionnaire features questions focused on the areas of interest outlined in the review: business and economy; community and diaspora; academic and research links; culture; and rural, coastal, and island communities.

The results of the questionnaire will help to inform the publication of a joint report to conclude the review towards the middle of 2020. The report will set out how Ireland and Scotland work together at present, how existing ties can be consolidated in a new international environment, and will also explore the further potential for collaboration in areas devolved to Scotland.

The questionnaire will provide a valuable insight from our peoples – so many of whom have deep and enduring relationships with both Scotland and Ireland – on how the Ireland-Scotland relationship can be taken forward to a new level.

It forms part of the Tánaiste’s stated objective that the review should ‘reaffirm the commitment to the Ireland-Scotland relationship’ for the benefit of the people of both Ireland and Scotland.

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