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Statement from An Tánaiste Simon Coveney T.D. on ongoing violence in Derry

Statement from An Tánaiste Simon Coveney T.D., in relation to ongoing violence in Derry


“I am very concerned at the escalation of the violence in Derry overnight. It is clear that shots were fired in an attempt to endanger the lives of PSNI officers in the area. The ongoing reckless endangerment of lives, which is being orchestrated by a small and violent minority, must stop.


I welcome the statement from the leaders of the main political parties in Northern Ireland which called for communities to stand together to protect the rule of law. This joint statement is a testament to the continuing good relations that have been built up in the city over many years. This unity will not be challenged or destroyed by the criminal and sectarian actions of a small number of individuals.


It is shocking to see that young people are being allowed- and even encouraged- to engage in the dangerous activities of the last few nights. I would urge all those involved to consider their actions and reflect on the damage that they are wreaking on their city and their community.”