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Minister Flanagan attends EU Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels

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Minister Flanagan attends EU Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels to discuss Turkey, Counter Terrorism, Latin America, China, and the EU-Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr. Charlie Flanagan TD attended a meeting of EU Foreign Affairs Ministers in Brussels today where Turkey, Latin America, Counter Terrorism, China, and the EU-Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy were discussed.

Speaking after the meeting, Minister Flanagan said:

"Today, EU Foreign Ministers expressed their strong condemnation of the attempted coup in Turkey and reiterated their full support for the legitimate institutions of the country. I along with my EU partners call upon the Turkish authorities, police and security to show restraint, and to respect democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the right to fair trial and specifically in accordance with Turkey's European obligations which preclude the application of the death penalty."

Ministers also discussed the EU's external efforts on counter-terrorism in the wake of the attacks in Nice, and the EU Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy.

"The recent horrific terrorist attacks in Nice have once again focused Europe’s attention very firmly on the threat from extremism linked to conflict in the Middle East region.

We had a good discussion today on the new EU Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy, which was recently presented by the High Representative to the European Council. I welcome the priority attached in the strategy to promoting peace and security, prosperity, democracy and a rules-based global order. Promotion and protection of human rights, economic development, rule of law, good governance and conflict resolution are ways to address the root causes of instability in our neighbourhood. Effective action in this areas will benefit the peoples of the countries concerned and help ensure the security of the European Union as a whole.”

Minister Flanagan also held bilateral meetings with EU Foreign Ministers and attended the EU-Gulf Co-operation Council Ministerial meeting.

“I had a number of bilateral discussions with EU colleagues in relation to the UK referendum, including my UK counterpart, Boris Johnson. I also met with the Ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council and had a good exchange on the challenging regional issues in which these countries have a direct stake. Bilaterally, the Gulf region is of increasing importance to Ireland, for trade reasons and, increasingly, because of the growing number of Irish people living and working there.”

Press Office
18 July 2016