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Minister Flanagan welcomes UN resolution on Aleppo


Minister Flanagan welcomes UN resolution on Aleppo

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charles Flanagan T.D., has welcomed the approval by the UN Security Council of resolution 2328, which calls for humanitarian access and the protection of all civilians in Aleppo.

Minister Flanagan said “the protection of civilians in Aleppo is a fundamental obligation on all parties to the horrific conflict in Syria. I welcome the approval of the resolution earlier today by the Security Council, and the provision for international monitoring by the UN of the evacuation to ensure the safety of civilians.

“It is vital that the many thousands seeking to leave the city of Aleppo are free to leave in safety and that those who remain are not targeted as a result.

“I strongly endorse the Security Council’s demand for complete, immediate, unconditional, safe and unhindered access for humanitarian assistance across Syria. In the last week, I approved an additional €5 million in humanitarian assistance for the victims of the Syrian conflict, bringing the total humanitarian assistance from Ireland to €25 million for 2016. Ireland’s total national support for the victims of the Syrian conflict has now reached €67 million and this funding has gone to provide critical services to those affected by the horrific violence plaguing Syria.

"Ireland remains committed to supporting the UN’s efforts to finding a peaceful resolution to the Syrian crisis.”

Press Office
19 December 2016