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Minister Flanagan welcomes all-island approach in Capital Plan


Plan envisages significant investment in projects which will help unlock the full potential of the all-island economy

Speaking in New York where he is attending the United Nations General Assembly, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charlie Flanagan T.D., has welcomed the all-island approach in the Capital Plan announced today by the Government.

The 27 billion euro plan includes significant exchequer investment in North/South projects which would benefit citizens throughout the island, boost employment and business development and help to deliver fully on the socio-economic dividend made possible by the Good Friday Agreement.

Minister Flanagan emphasised that this proposed North/South investment is predicated on a stable political environment in the North.

“Extracting the maximum benefit from this very significant Government expenditure will require a stable political environment in Northern Ireland and the full operation of all the institutions, including the cross-border bodies, established under the Agreement”.

He reiterated his determination to work with the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and all the political parties to resolve the critical issues which threaten the stability of the Institutions.

“It is up to everyone to play their part in finding solutions to the current difficulties. With a peaceful, politically stable Northern Ireland we can transform the economic and social landscape on this island.”

He welcomed the commitment to a renewed focus on investing in key transport projects including the A5 road project and the upgrade of the Dublin Belfast rail line. He noted the proposed further investment in border region tourism infrastructure including Blueways, Greenways, and water leisure routes such as the Ulster Canal.

Noting that almost half a billion euro will be available from EU sources during the period of this Plan, 2016 to 2021, the Minister said “the Government is committed to working closely with our Northern Ireland partners to ensure that this EU money is used to the best possible effect for the benefit of all our citizens”.


Press Office

29 September 2015