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Minister Flanagan Delivers for the North West

Minister Flanagan Delivers for the North West

Visiting Derry today (Wednesday 18 November), the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charles Flanagan T.D., affirmed the Government’s support for the A5 road project and announced his decision to provide €2.5 million for the North West Gateway Initiative.

Minister Flanagan said:

“The agreement reached at Stormont yesterday is entitled ‘A Fresh Start’. During my visit to Derry today I was pleased to announce the Government’s contribution to that fresh start in this region, including the facilitation of the first phase of the A5 road from Derry to Strabane and the provision of €2.5 million in support of the Northwest Gateway Initiative. I am confident that these investments will make a contribution to releasing the economic potential of Derry and Donegal.

"While here, I met with many local political, community, academic, and business leaders, to hear from them their concerns and vision for this city. I also met and paid tribute to the work of the PSNI, in protecting the people of Derry and our wider island. The hard work of all has helped to transform Derry into the vibrant, forward-looking community it is today.

"I met with a number of Reconciliation Fund partners and participated in the launch of the new strategy of the International Fund for Ireland, where I reaffirmed the Government’s support for the Fund - whose origins were in the 1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement, whose 30th anniversary was celebrated in recent days and which formally acknowledged the Irish Government's role in Northern Ireland. The sustained engagement of Reconciliation and IFI partner organisations makes an important contribution to progress experienced in the North West.”

18 NOVEMBER 2015