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EU Foreign Ministers discuss Libya, Africa, and Eastern Partnership Summit


EU Foreign Ministers discuss Libya, Africa, and Eastern Partnership Summit

Minister of State for European Affairs and Data Protection, Dara Murphy, TD, today attended a meeting of EU Foreign Ministers in Brussels where Africa, Libya, and the forthcoming Eastern Partnership Summit were amongst the issues discussed.

Speaking after the meeting Minister Murphy said:

"Today we reiterated our full support for the on-going United Nations brokered talks on Libya, and the efforts of United Nations Special Representative Bernadino León to achieve a sustainable ceasefire between the parties and a political solution to the crisis.

"Our meeting also reviewed how the EU can respond to the evolving situation in Libya and requested that the High Representative prepare comprehensive options for possible supports which could be put in place by the EU on the basis of the outcome of the United Nations facilitated talks."

The meeting also addressed relations with Africa. Minister Murphy added:

"Today we discussed the evolving relations between Europe and Africa, looking at how the issues of peace, prosperity and partnerships, are interlinked.

"Our engagement with Africa is guided by an understanding that sustainable prosperity will not be attained without peace, and peace itself is best achieved through partnerships based on shared prosperity. While poverty does persist in Africa, this cannot solely be addressed through the provision of development aid, we must also look to grow our trade and investment relationship. This does not dilute, but instead complements, our continued commitment to development cooperation and the fight to end extreme poverty and hunger.

"At our meeting we also expressed concern for a number of ongoing conflicts in Africa, including the actions of Boko Haram in West Africa, along with the situations in South Sudan and Somalia.

"I also took the opportunity to update EU colleagues on the role being played by Ireland, together with Kenya, as co-facilitators of the Post 2015 discussions at the United Nations. Europe and Africa have a critical role to play to ensure that we adopt a transformative framework which can address sustainable and inclusive economic growth, eliminate global hunger, and ensure a peaceful and dignified life for all."

Preparations for the forthcoming Eastern Partnership Summit, which will bring together the EU and six Eastern neighbouring countries, were also discussed.

"Our meeting today reviewed preparations for the Eastern Partnership Summit, taking place on 21-22 May in Riga. We reaffirmed the importance of the Summit, along with our commitment to the Eastern Partnership Process as the framework for the furthering of relations between the EU and the six Eastern neighbours," Minister Murphy said.

Press Office
16 March 2015