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Minister statement on review meeting of the Stormont House Agreement

Speaking following a review meeting of the Stormont House Agreement in Belfast this evening, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charlie Flanagan, TD, stated:

“I underlined the Irish Government's commitment to the implementation of the Stormont House Agreement. As all Parties to the Agreement know, the Agreement was hard won, as indeed were the power-sharing institutions which now have the primary responsibility of guiding it through.

"The seriousness of recent developments and of the consequences that decisions in the period ahead may have was acknowledged by all participants.

"The Government wishes to see a resolution to the current political impasse as we have a clear interest in the integrity of the Agreement as a whole and in the implementation of the Agreement in its entirety, not least in relation to the Agreement’s provisions on dealing with the legacy of the past.

"I believe that with political will, a way through the current challenges can be found. A solution will require exceptional resolve and leadership from all participants."

Minister of State for North/South Cooperation, Mr Seán Sherlock, TD, added:

“The roundtable meeting today involving all the parties was a welcome opportunity to clarify the issues facing us at this challenging time. Both Minister Flanagan and I also had good bilateral meetings with each of the parties.

"The North-South Ministerial Council Plenary Meeting taking place in Dublin later this week will provide a further opportunity for dialogue as well as for bringing forward our work on North-South priorities as envisaged under the Stormont House Agreement."


Press Office

2 June 2015