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The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade issued 629,446 passports in 2014

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629,446 passports were issued in 2014 by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, with May and June the busiest months for passport applications.


629,446 passports were issued in 2014 by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, with May and June the busiest months for passport applications.


The Department’s offices in London and Canberra issued the greatest numbers of passports.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charlie Flanagan, TD, said:

"The Department has worked hard in recent years to ensure we provide a modern, secure and quick passport service. We offer a variety of services including a passport reminder service, passport tracking and a passport appointments service.

"For those who need to travel at short notice (3-10 working days) the passport appointments service allows them to book an appointment online rather than queuing up to renew their passport.

"Customers can now track their application online and can also sign up for our reminder service to receive an alert three months before their passport expires.

Minister Flanagan encouraged Irish citizens to check the expiry date of their passport and to remember that many countries require incoming visitors to hold passports which are valid for at least six months.

In Ireland 25% of all applications were received during the months of May and June.

On the seasonal surge in applications, the Minister commented:

“Citizens who plan to renew their passport in 2015 are advised to do so in the off-peak period to ensure the shortest renewal time.”

Passports by Numbers in 2014

  • 629,446 passports issued in 2014.
  • 389,727 passports issued to adults.
  • 463,806 applications Received through Passport Express, which represents a 3.3% increase over 2013.
  • 51,412 applications were received through the London Passport Office.
  • 49,435 applications were received through the Northern Ireland Passport Express service.
  • The following diplomatic offices had the highest demand after London: Canberra (6,557); New York (5,352); Sydney (3,534); San Francisco (3,219) and Ottawa (2,800).
  • 82,564 passports issued in May 2014; 76,314 in June 2014 – these were the busiest months.





Press Office
5 January 2015


Notes to Editors:

  1. A guide to How to Apply for a Passport, which takes Irish citizens through each step of their passport application and answers the most frequently asked questions, is available at
  2. On the Department of Foreign Affairs website, you can also access a Passport reminder service and a Passport Tracking service to allow customers to track the status of their application.
  3. An appointment service is in operation at the Passport Office Dublin, for those travelling at short notice (within 3-10 working days). Customers not travelling within 3-10 working days should use Passport Express. Priority at public counters is given to those travelling at short notice and the fastest turnaround time for such applications is three working days.
  4. Passport Express is an easy-to-use, courier type service operated by An Post exclusively for passports. It is available throughout the post office network and has been in use since 1995.
  • Applications reach us quickly and more securely.
  • It costs less than ordinary mail or over-the-counter applications.
  • The Passport Service aims to have passports back in 10 working days from the day we receive it (this is subject to the demand at the time). For first time applicants or those who are replacing lost or stolen books, the processing time can take up to 15 working days, provided the application has been submitted correctly.
  • Better tracking of your application so you can plan your trip