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Minister Flanagan highlights economic recovery and addresses UN General Assembly during visit to USA

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Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charlie Flanagan, T.D., today begins his first official visit to the United States as Minister, where he will promote Ireland as a choice location for US foreign direct investment and assure investors that Ireland’s economic recovery is well underway.

He will discuss the threat posed by ISIS, when EU Foreign Ministers meet the US Secretary of State John Kerry at the United Nations in New York later today.

Speaking ahead of his departure, Minister Flanagan said:

“We have all been appalled by the atrocities which ISIS has committed as it wages its campaign of terror across Syria and Iraq. There needs to be accountability for all such atrocities, including through referral of the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court.

“The threat posed by ISIS in Iraq and Syria has massive humanitarian repercussions in the broader region, with many more thousands of families fleeing their campaign of terror this week alone.

“During my discussion with Secretary Kerry and fellow EU Ministers, I will call for a regional strategy which at its core, should seek to address the Syrian conflict and promote an urgent political settlement.”

Minister Flanagan will meet key political and business leaders and representatives of the Irish community during a busy week-long schedule in New York, Washington and Boston.

He will also discuss Ireland’s role in international peacekeeping with United Nations’ Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and highlight our continued commitment to eradicating hunger during a special event at the UN General Assembly, which Ireland is co-hosting.

Minister Flanagan said:

“My visit comes at a time when Ireland’s economy is getting back on track. Much of this success is due to the strong performance of our export sector and our continued attractiveness as a home for foreign direct investment.

“In my meetings with key US business and political contacts, I will highlight Ireland’s business-friendly environment and talented, flexible workforce which makes Ireland such an attractive investment destination for US business. Equally, I will promote our innovative indigenous companies, many of which are already operating successfully in the US and driving our economic recovery at home.”

Minister Flanagan will also meet key US contacts to discuss developments in Northern Ireland, having again in recent days been engaged with a number of party leaders and the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

During the trip, he will press for immigration reform during his discussions with political contacts and US agencies.

In Washington DC, Minister Flanagan will launch a commemorative programme of events to mark 90 years of US-Ireland diplomatic relations.

At the UN General Assembly, Minister Flanagan will set out Ireland’s statement of foreign policy priorities before leaders from around the world.

“The General Assembly of the United Nations is an opportunity for international leaders to come together to discuss solutions to crises which affect us all, whether its ebola in West Africa, or the threat of ISIS. It’s also a chance for us to reaffirm core principals of our foreign policy, including our commitment to a two-state solution as part of the Middle East Peace Process, with a viable Palestinian state and a secure Israel”.

“It is an important opportunity for Ireland to engage with a broad range of other States about issues of mutual concern and interest,” he said.



Press Office

23 September 2014

  • Minister Flanagan will be in the United States from September 24 to October 1.