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Minister Flanagan speaks to Israeli Ambassador: Calls for immediate end to violence


The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr. Charlie Flanagan, T.D., spoke earlier today with the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland, Mr. Boaz Modai, in order to condemn yesterday’s attack on a UN-run school in Gaza and reiterate the very grave concerns of the Irish Government and people at the current situation in Gaza and Israel.

“I expressed my own deep disquiet and the grave concerns of the Irish Government and people at the escalation of violence in Gaza and at yesterday’s latest atrocity which saw an UN-run school hit and at least 15 civilians killed and more than 200 wounded, including many children. Such attacks on civilian institutions such as schools and hospitals are utterly unacceptable, contrary to international law and must stop immediately.

“I again reiterated to the Ambassador that the appalling level of civilian casualties which we are now seeing in Gaza as a result of Israel’s current military operation cannot be justified under any circumstances. The violence on all sides must stop now and an immediate ceasefire be agreed.”

“I requested the Ambassador to convey these messages on behalf of the Government to the Israeli Government and he undertook to do this immediately.”

“The Government will continue its efforts across a range of fronts to address the appalling crisis and humanitarian situation with which we are now confronted in Gaza. This includes addressing the underlying causes of the violence as well as supporting all international efforts to end the carnage and institute an immediate ceasefire.”


Press Office

25 July 2014