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Minister Flanagan expresses regret at the breakdown of the ceasefire in Gaza and Israel


The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charlie Flanagan, TD, has expressed his profound regret following the breakdown of the ceasefire in Gaza and Israel.

Minister Flanagan stated:

“I profoundly regret the fact that hostilities have resumed in Gaza and Israel following an all too brief ceasefire.

“The continuing suffering of ordinary people and the humanitarian catastrophe that is unfolding in Gaza are totally unacceptable. I once again urge a cessation of all violence and active participation by both sides in the crucial talks underway in Cairo aimed at re-instituting the ceasefire and addressing the underlying causes of this horrific conflict.

“I strongly believe that collectively the EU needs to assess urgently the implications of this latest Gaza crisis and, in particular, consider how we can assist in ensuring that the underlying causes of this recurrent violence are now effectively addressed. We must also determine what the EU can and should do to help revive overall peace talks, building on what has already been achieved during the nine months of US-mediated talks.

“This week I wrote to the EU High Representative, Baroness Catherine Ashton, and to the Italian Presidency requesting discussion of Gaza and the Middle East Peace Process as an item at the informal  meeting of EU Foreign Ministers, scheduled to take place later this month in Milan.

“Moreover, in light of overall developments across the Middle East and North Africa and, in particular, the serious deterioration we are now witnessing in both Libya and Iraq, I suggested that EU Foreign Ministers also address both these crises as well as the continuing conflict in Syria as part of a broad discussion on overall developments in the Southern Neighbourhood."



Press Office

8 August 2014