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Minister Martin welcomes common EU approach to the International Court of Justice Opinion on Kosovo

Minister Martin has joined Ireland’s voice to those of the other 26 Member States of the European Union in responding to the opinion of the International Court of Justice on Kosovo.

The Minister welcomed the common statement issued by the EU High Representative, Catherine Ashton, on behalf of all of the Member States. He stressed the importance of this united approach for advancing positive EU’s relations with Kosovo and Serbia and the Western Balkans in general, stressing that the future of all countries of the Western Balkans lies within the European Union.

The EU statement reads as follows:

“The EU welcomes the publication of the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice. We are studying it with great care.

The advisory opinion opens a new phase. The focus should now be on the future. The future of Serbia lies in the European Union. The future of Kosovo also lies in the European Union. This is in line with the European perspective of the region and the relevant Council conclusions.

Good neighbourly relations, regional cooperation and dialogue are the foundations on which the EU is built.

The EU is therefore ready to facilitate a process of dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade. This dialogue would be to promote cooperation, achieve progress on the path to Europe and improve the lives of the people. The process of dialogue in itself would be a factor for peace, security and stability in the region.”