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Leaving Cert students asked to heed travel advice

Leaving Certificate students planning to celebrate their results by travelling abroad should take a number of precautions to ensure their trip passes off safely, according to Minister for Foreign Affairs, Micheál Martin.

“Students planning a city break or time in the sun after their years of hard work should heed travel advice issued by my Department and available on the website at The key piece of advice is to use commonsense and not to do anything abroad that you would not do at home.

  • Travel Insurance is essential
  • Do not rent or use motorbikes or quads that do not meet normal safety standards or come with safety gear – remember if an accident happens and you did not follow the rules your insurance is void.
  • Check passports and other travel documents before leaving for the airport and keep them in a safe place when abroad.
  • Do not drink to excess, remember in many countries being drunk can carry heavy penalties.
  • Have some knowledge of local laws and customs, remember what may be regarded as a minor offence at home can lead to arrest and large fines in other States.

My Department has been having a busy year again in 2010 with Consular cases with 660 major incidents where people sought our help during the first six months of the year. Having said that many thousands of Irish people do travel safely every day of the year by following these simple steps young people can help ensure their own well deserved break is remembered for all the right reasons.” concluded Minister Martin.