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Minister welcomes devolution of policing and justice powers in NI

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Micheál Martin T.D., has welcomed David Ford’s election today to the position of Minister of Justice in the devolved Executive. 

The Minister said:

“I congratulate David Ford on his appointment and wish him and his officials every success in their work.

Today, responsibility for policing and justice powers is in the hands of the representatives of the people of Northern Ireland. 

Building on the Good Friday Agreement, and consistent with the spirit and recommendations of the Patten Report, authority and responsibility for policing and justice issues is where they ought to be: at local level, accountable to, and operating for the benefit of all the people of Northern Ireland. Today’s decision offers an opportunity to further consolidate and develop the achievements of the peace process.

Those behind last night’s bomb in Holywood, Co. Down, should take note that the political process continues to move ahead. We stand firm, for peace and democracy. Today’s appointment of David Ford as Minister of Justice confirms our collective resolve.”